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Raja Jam Indonesia


Januari 2023


Rajajam is a safe, well-known, and trusted luxury watch marketplace that was founded in 2022. Rajajam provides an array of exclusive and prestigious watch collections that are highly curated and pre-qualified by our expert teams in creating a safe and trusted shopping experience.

Rajajam’s main attractions comes from our product and service offering which include wide collections of highly curated timepieces, exclusive service offerings, 1-year warranty covers and in-depth customer relationships focus through our pre- and post after sales service.

If you are looking for a specific or any luxury watches recommendation, Rajajam’s expert and customer services teams are always ready to help you in a safe and trusted shopping experience.

How to shop?

Shopping with Rajajam is easy! Browse through our online store where thousands of curated and well-priced luxury watches are available online for you to purchase.

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